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Reading Intervention 

After school is the perfect time to integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing—building students' competence in all four literacy skills. Students can choose lively, interactive, and fun activities that engage all facets of language communication.

Learning Gaps.jpg

Learning Gaps

Eight Waves has developed programs based on student interest and goals identified through student assessments.  Our programs bring together students and community partners during one-on-one, small group, and whole class sessions to allow students to participate in various opportunities to fill in learning gaps and build confidence.


Our greatest achievement is the positive progress of the students. On average, our students are improving reading skills within 20 hours, while simultaneously bonding with a caring volunteer reading buddy who becomes a trusted individual championing their success. In addition, parents and students report an increase in eagerness to learn, confidence, focus, willingness to participate in school activities, and test scores.



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