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A Partnership with Orlando Health


Empowering Early Literacy Through the Joy of Reading

Our goal is to spotlight the incredible perks of reading to babies, sparking a lifelong passion and aiding in their early growth milestones.

Why Us

Why Reading to Babies Matters:

Research shows that the first three years of a child’s life are critical for brain development, with reading playing a significant role in language acquisition, listening skills, and emotional bonding. Reading aloud to babies:

  • Enhances Vocabulary: Exposes infants to a variety of words and sounds, boosting language skills.

  • Builds Connections:Strengthens the parent-child bond through shared experiences.

  • Stimulates Imagination: Encourages creativity and cognitive development by introducing new concepts.

  • Supports Emotional Growth: Helps babies understand emotions and empathy through stories.

Our Initiative

Through the "Books For Babies" program, every newborn at Orlando Health receives a special gift: their first book. This initiative not only celebrates the arrival of a new life but also marks the beginning of a lifelong journey with books and learning. We provide parents with resources and guidance on the importance of reading from day one, empowering them to be their child’s first teacher.


Our Impact

Books For Babies will reach thousands of families, turning the simple act of reading into a daily ritual of love, learning, and discovery.

How You Can Help:

Join us in making a difference in the lives of our littlest readers. Here’s how you can contribute:

Donate a New Book

Help grow our library of books distributed to newborns.


Become a part of our reading sessions and community events.

Spread the Word:

Share our mission with friends and family to raise awareness.

For more information on how to participate or contribute to the "Books For Babies" initiative, please contact us

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